Top Issues

Medical Freedom

American life has been irreparably disrupted by government mandated shutdowns, school closures, mask mandates, and forced vaccination campaigns. It was the lockdowns of 2020 and the subsequent coercion of American citizens into taking under-tested shots from disreputable pharmaceutical companies that first inspired me to run for office. If elected to Central Committee, I will use my influence to the very best of my ability to prevent anything like this from happening again.


Part of the reason I moved to Frederick County with my husband was to offer our future children a better public education than the one available to them in our previous home in Montgomery County. CRT, virtual learning, and gender ideology have sadly all but ruined Montgomery’s once renowned school system. I will do my best to use my influence to stop this from happening in Frederick County.

Election Integrity

Since the passage of Maryland’s newly redistricted election map, Frederick County, particularly the part in District 6 stand to be some of the most competitive districts in the nation. We need to make sure that the fraud that corrupted the election results in 2020 does not happen in Frederick County. The Republican Party establishment needs to be vigilant about all potential threats to election integrity.