Kat Harper for Central Committee

Conservative candidate for Republican Central Committee of Frederick County, MD.

The Issues

Kat Harper is a new resident of Frederick County and wants to make a difference. The Republican Party is at a crossroads, and needs strong, no-nonsense leadership to stand up to the establishment and represent the values of real working class Americans. No more shutdowns, no medical mandates, no gender indoctrination of our children. Kat also firmly believes that the Republican Party establishment needs to reckon with the systemic fraud that tainted the 2020 Presidential and Georgia Runoff elections, and be vocal about the mounds of evidence that exists as proof of said fraud. No more denials, no more gaslighting.

About Kat

Kat has lived in Maryland her whole life and is used to being a minority Conservative voice in a blue state. She grew up in Prince George’s County, and has seen first-hand how relentless progressive policies and corruption have failed Marylanders.

Get in Touch

Feel free to ask many any questions about my stances, background, or anything else.